So, her inner desires take over
It feels good,
Yet so wrong.
So, SHE falls into that pit once again.
Once again, SHE failed at trying to contain
So, SHE apologizes to HIM yet again
SHE has let him down.
So instead of repenting, which means to
“never do it again,”
Instead SHE says, “I’m done.”
SHE apologizes.
Because she knows if SHE tries
To do it in her own strength,
SHE will never be DONE completely.
So, what does SHE do now?
SHE condemns herself for a while
Confess and acknowledge that it is wrong
And try to move on to the next task,
The next thing SHE can’t control in her own strength.
So, SHE pulls out her pen and pad
And she writes.
She writes out her frustrations, her desires, her willpower
And SHE realizes how badly
SHE needs HIM to come in and do a clean sweep.
Allow HIM to give her strength, the will power
To overcome her nasty
Out of control
Because of her past, the exposure to things at an early agepexels-photo-247314.jpeg
SHE doesn’t realize that those spirts,
Those demons stem from her past.
So, SHE realizes that, yes this is a PROBLEM.
Once before SHE thought that SHE could control it.
Now SHE realizes that it’s time for HIM to take over
Because SHE can no longer handle IT alone.
So now SHE gives IT to HIM
Not realizing that HE was always
In the middle of SHE.
There is no longer SHE,
It’s just HE who’s never left HER!

3 thoughts on “SHE”

  1. Very good read and many are looking for someone to relate to their current state and because our churches have portrayed the “always been save” front and not enough transparency many walk away

    Liked by 1 person

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