He Didn’t Choose Me


Was I not pretty enough? Probably not.
I didn’t look like her,
Talked like her
Even sway like her.
That’s why He didn’t choose me.
Are my insecurities that obvious?
Is my brokenness that noticeable?
Is it that noticeable that I suffer from the “daddy issue” syndrome?
I internalized the thought. I came up with my own theory.
If my daddy didn’t choose me, why would he choose me?
He said, “I chose the better woman” right to my FACE!
I realized then that I was not worthy.
I wasn’t good enough to be CHOSEN!
All my insecurities became more prevalent.
My inability to maintain good and healthy relationships
As a result, I just settled.
Settled for what I could get, all because HE DIDN’T CHOOSE ME!
So, I decided I’ll be your “back pocket” chick, your go to girl,
Your “me and my girl on the rocks” chick.
So, I began engaging in relationships that got me nowhere….
Only a temporary satisfaction,
P o i n t l e s s conversations, and an empty heart, VOID!
I was looking, yearning for love,
Wanting to be wanted, til’ I became blinded to the fact that
HE, ABBA, My Savior, My Defender
Had already C H O S E N ME before I was EVEN FORMED!



6 thoughts on “He Didn’t Choose Me”

  1. Meme!!! Girl, this just gave me life… Daddy has already chosen me!! Awesome. You’re going to touch so many broken women and help rebuild them for the kingdom!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this so much. I got teary eyed because it was as you spoke my life. It blows my mind how similar things happen to us all. Thanks for sharing. 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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