Floaties & Hammocks


This is totally out of pocket today. I’m sitting here at the river and I’m like “Meme what you gonna post today? You’ve been at this river for almost three hours bruh!” #almostfellalseepouthere I watched people around me laying in hammocks (I’m too big for that.)  There were a lot of people heading towards the river with floaties (I think that’s what it’s called) LOL! I’m watching as they are loading these floaties with coolers, drinks, etc. As I’m watching my mind is running a 1000 miles per hour. I was amazed at how they just grabbed their belongings, got on a floatie, in the middle of the river and floated down the river effortlessly! I’m sitting here thinking, 1) how are they gonna stay afloat 2) how are you gonna get back down this way 3) where ya life jackets at 4) seriously, how are ya’ll gonna get back down here. I’m like Daddy (Abba) how they finna get back down here, do they even know where they are going? *in my Tamar B voice* & it clicked…not to be super deep. What I noticed was that these people trust that the floatie will hold them up while in the middle of the river. The lady laying in her hammock is swaying in peace knowing that she has two trees holding up the hammock up for her. I’m like Daddy, why don’t I trust you like that? Trust that where you’re taking me you will keep me. Why don’t I have faith like these individuals? They have tangible things, things they can hold on to justify why they are staying afloat.  Thank you, Daddy, for showing me that I don’t have to put my trust nor faith in man, objects, things, nor people. Anything can go wrong with these objects. So, like the floatie, you hold me. Like the hammock, you keep me. Like the river, you carry me.

The faith that is displayed here is unbelievable. Even though they can’t see the end, even though they don’t know where the river may take them, or what may happen in the river, they are resting in the fact that in that floatie, THEY ARE FINE! God, thank you for being my floatie, my hammock! In you, I AM JUST FINE! I AM SAFE!

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