Marriage& Love

Dear Future Husband

Let me first start by saying I love you. Now that that’s out of the way. What took you so long? Where have you been beloved? I’ve been waiting feels like a lifetime for my soul-mate, my best friend, my ride or die. I can’t say that I’ve always waited patiently, because I didn’t. I wanted to meet you so bad, but it would have been the wrong timing, premature. God waited until you were finished healing, for him to finish developing you, & developing your character. He made us to be a perfect fit for one another. I want to tell you thank you for waiting on me. I constantly thank him for giving you patience when it comes to the issues of my heart. Thank you for waiting until Daddy finished healing me from certain issues that could have been detrimental to our marriage. Thank you for loving me through my pretty days, ugly days, dark days even the days when I cry for no apparent reason. I know it won’t always be easy, but with the help of God we’ll get through it. At one point, I believed that there wasn’t anybody out there for me. Nobody who would understand me. Nobody would want a girl who saw love as being corrupted due to past experiences. Nobody wanted a “damaged girl,” the girl with the daddy issues. Nobody who would love me for me & to see me the way God sees me. But Daddy saw different. He was preparing you for me. He showed you my heart and what areas you need to be sensitive with.

He was preparing you to be a great father to our children. A great role model for the greatest gifts God could give us. A man of integrity. A man of prayer, a leader. He was preparing you to be the perfect lover to me and for me. He showed you how to romance me, how to be intimate with me and what intimacy looks like. Don’t ever stop dating me. I’ve waited a lifetime for you to find me. I’m glad that he gave you strong & supportive arms to hold me through tears. To hold me when I can’t find the words to say to express how I feel. You’re the man that I’ve dreamed of when I was 10 years old. A man after God’s own heart. He designed you just the way I wanted him to: tall, dark and handsome, with gorgeous teeth & a nice smile. He even made you with dimples. He molded you to fit what I dreamed of. Daddy out did himself when he created you! *you cute bae* He made you with a sense of humor just like mine. “Always laugh with me…and tell me when my jokes don’t make sense. I want to spend the rest of my life with you laughing.” Thank you for being the seal over my heart and I’m the seal on yours. (Song of Solomon 8:6-7) Thank you for having a heart like HIM! Thank God, he made me to be your Proverbs 18:22 wife. I’m your GOOD THING and you even obtain favor from ABBA for finding me! #winning

I pray that we set the perfect example of what love looks like & what marriage looks like to our children. I pray that we grow old together and still act as if we were young. I want to travel the world with you, start new memories, go on cruises and buy an RV to travel in, take adventures, and do random hood rat stuff (occasionally). But Bae, what we not gone do is dress alike. It’s a no go for jogging suits, wind-breaker suits with a turtle neck. AND no orthopedic black shoes to match!  Not happening. I’m excited about our future! I can’t wait to do life with you forever.

Thank you, baby! After disappointing relationships, broken promises, situationships, and men who misused my trust and abandoned me. God finally decided to bless me with you. I can finally say that Daddy saved a someone just for me and I now know what REAL LOVE LOOKS LIKE!

I love you!

Sincerely “your good thing”

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