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Be Still & Know

Sometimes we become so consumed with daily life and mind battles that we forget that the Father is the answer. The Father is available for help. We are so quick to run to our best friends, our parents, social media to vent or to look for solutions. Personally I journal it first then maybe call my best friend and my sisters. I casuallypray to the Father and tell him. But he’s not the first person I go to. I’ve made it a habit of doing that. Ignoring the only one who knows the answer. The only one who can fix that issue.

On Friday the 18th of May, our Dig Deep Bible Study was titled Be Still & Know. It opened my eyes even more to the fact that I’ve busied my self so much that I’ve missed his voice, missed what he wanted to say to me and through me. All he wants is to reveal himself to me, refocus me, quiet the lies I’ve entertained, affirm me and give me the next instruction. He wants me to be still and give him control, and let him be the answer to my problem, the shoulder for my tears to fall on, the mirror that I look in to see myself like he sees me.

Pastor Travis Greene has a song out called “Be Still.” A line that really sticks out to me

But when the noise is over

A still small voice you will hear

I hope that you believe me

When I tell ya

That I will handle all of your cares


I pray that this encourages someone. Be Still and Know that HE is God!

Be Still

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