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Boo’d Up!

“Daddy when am I gonna get a boo? You know like a bae! Someone I can say “oh that’s me right there, that’s bae!” #transparentmoment it literally hit me hard and got me “in my feelings,” when R&B artist Ella Mai dropped a single called Boo’d Up. She sings about being in love and being in a relationship and not finding anyone that could compare to bae. The hook was catchy! You know it,

As I was humming, I thought to myself. All my close/best friends either have boyfriends, spouses, and/or a few “baes” and I’m sitting here like what’s wrong with me? Why am I still single? Am I not pretty enough? Am I not good enough? WHY AM I STILL SINGLE? I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who ask those questions.  For a while those questions have been taunting me. I got to the point where I’m like “God, I am sick of being the third, fourth and/or fifth wheel. Bruh this can’t be life!” WHEN IS HE COMING? WILL HE EVER COME?

It wasn’t until recently. I’m talking about three or four days ago that reality hit me through a Reel sister of mine. She said, and I quote “God doesn’t want you to have male friends on the roster. He has a whole husband waiting on YOU to get over YOU!” yeah that wrecked me. In my mind I was ready. I’ve been single for 11 years. Yea you read it right. I’ve been in situationships, but no committed relationships. I was like God that is MORE THAN ENOUGH time for you to work on me. However, there are still some things he wants me to learn in my singleness. Some more character building that needs to take place. He’s still molding me into the Proverbs 31 woman. And he’s showing me that I’m not done healing.

So why am I still single, without a boo? It’s because he’s preparing me for my HUSBAND not just a “boo”. He’s also still preparing my husband. When I feel discouraged, I must remind myself that it’s all in his timing. My waiting is not in vain.

The Father said he doesn’t want me to be “Boo’d Up.” He wants me to be whole and to be Wife’d Up!
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