Just A Few More Days

“Just a few more days, the king ain’t ready for me yet!” She said this to me with such confidence and reassurance that her time was coming near. My response, ”Grandma, you ain’t going nowhere. You haven’t seen me graduate from grad school neither get married nor have kids.” She said so softly to me with a small grin, “okay baby.”

It was a month from this day, July 12th 2016, that I would say my last goodbye to the woman who meant everything to me. The month of July will forever be a special month to me. My Grandma was preparing me all month long but I was in denial. Heavy denial. I’ve never heard of anyone being so excited to see the King as she was. Meanwhile, my heart was breaking knowing that she was slowly drifting away. Knowing that she would never be able to physically witness everything I was set to accomplish was heartbreaking.

I remember her stay in the hospital like it was yesterday. There was a particular moment that will forever be in my heart. My grandma never took off her rings—NEVER! She was in the process of taking them off and she turned towards me and said “Hold on to these for Grandma.” I looked at her like what’s happening? Tears began to roll down my face because that would be the last time she ever wore them.

That moment was one of the toughest moments for me because I knew that time was really drawing near. They released her which I thought would be for the last time but it wasn’t. Before going back for the final time she said once again, “Just a few more days baby. The king isn’t ready for me yet.” I once again brushed her off with the same response. She said to me with the same grin and same tone, “okay baby.” And we started talking about something else.

I’m grateful to the Father that he allowed those moments to happen between us. That all along she was preparing me for her departure. Her “few more days” turned into a month later. August 12th 2016, Grandma took her final breath. It hit me, that the King was ready for her and she was just as ready to see him.

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