Journal Post

Not Another One

Not another one

When will it end?

Not another one….

That’s all I can think about as I’m staring at my computer trying to jot down all of my feelings and emotions and thoughts.

This pain seems familiar

These tears feel redundant

Feels like I’m reliving 022713 again

Except at the hands of someone else

Not another one

This hurt feels the same

Another black brother gone



My heart hurts as I reflect on today’s news

I keep trying to articulate how I’m feeling and the only phrase that seems to repeat itself is not another one.

This is a pain that is too familiar

These tears are too redundant

Just when I thought I was getting better with dealing with death

Another one comes and shakes up every emotion I tried to bury

Not another one! Not another one! Not another one!

My heart can’t take another one.

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