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He’s Always Listening

Last Monday was a really hard day for me. I cried the entire day. I was overwhelmed and hurt by somethings that had taken place that day. I got frustrated and tired and asked God why? Why is this happening? Can we catch a break? Can I catch a break? Through my tears I called my sister Kris, and I made my way to Columbia to try and clear my head. This was not the week for any distractions. I had a big test I was set to take that Wednesday on top of my final exam being due on top of me starting a new class at the end of the week. I didn’t have time for “Monday” and all of its shenanigans! I made it to Columbia and Kris called me outside to chat. I remember still crying silently as we stood outside. She said, “Tell God how you feel! Be honest. Give him your heart. He can take better care of it.” I began crying and talking out loud to the Father about everything that I was afraid to say out loud. Everything that I had been feeling not only from that day just overall. I shared some disappointments, some frustrations, even expressed that I was mad at him about some things.

I felt lighter after talking it out. I must admit that I was afraid to say how I was feeling out loud. I didn’t want to hurt God’s feelings nor sound ungrateful. But I realized that He cares about the things that I care about. He wants to hear from me and he wants to know everything that’s on my heart. It was a much needed cry and conversation with the Father. Monday was a mere distraction to say the least but it was necessary. I was able to be completely honest about everything that was on my heart and give it to the Father. I walked away knowing that my secrets, frustrations and disappointments were safe with him and that he wouldn’t throw them in my face later.

I want to encourage those that are reading and that have been where I was. Talk to the Father. He’s a great listener and he cares about everything you care about. A week later, I’m in a better place. I’m so grateful to be known by Him, to be loved by Him, to be called his daughter and friend is so amazing. Give him your heart. Have the hard conversation. Know that He’s listening! #DaddysGirl #HesAlwaysListening #HeCares #ItsABetterWeek

Photo credit: Kristen Reel

P.S. i love you 💜

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