So today my emotions were all over the place. I’ve felt useless today, overwhelmed, disappointed, and lonely. My mind has been on 1000. I didn’t feel like myself with everything going on this week. So what I did was beat my face, put on my favorite sundress and ride out. Well I did that and I’m still in a fog. I’m not posting this for sympathy at all. I’m posting this to help someone who maybe in the same boat as myself. I didn’t want to talk to God today about it. I just wanted to fix it myself and I can’t. I tried to cover how I was feeling and GET OVER how I was feeling real quick. Then I talked to my sis and she said something that really stuck me.

“It’s unhealthy to rush through what you’re feeling!”

-SiQuena W.

So at this current moment I’m acknowledging how I feel. Standing in my feelings but not residing there. I’m going to cry it out, get me some ice cream, and watch my favorite movie and write later.

Whoever is reading this, and feeling the same way—don’t rush through how you’re feeling. Feel it love and keep it moving. #Transparentmoment #NotesToMySisters

P.S. i love you

Journal Post, Random, Singleness

Word Vomit

So many emotions

Was I suppose to reach out?

Or was I suppose to let fate decide




i stop myself from

saying the words out loud

as if leaving my mouth too often

might wear them down

-i love you

Quote from the sun and her flowers by rupi kaur

She once said “the only way to get great is to divorce good” -dr jackie greene

I guess this is my farewell

when you start loving someone new

you laugh at the indecisiveness of love

remember when you were sure

the last one was the one

and now here you are

redefining the one all over again

a fresh love is a gift

Quote from the sun and her flowers rupi kaur

Is it time to give up yet?



**just how I’m feeling in this current moment**

Journal Post

29may2018 10:26 pm

**DISCLAIMER** I debated whether I wanted to post this. Went back and forth with myself. The purpose of this blog is to show transparency, give you a glimpse of what’s on my mind and in my heart. So that includes the GOOD DAYS, THE NOT SO GOOD DAYS, AND THE BAD DAYS! Every post won’t be peachy creamy. I’ll have post where I’m literally crying while typing. *almost there btw* I’m pretty sure this feeling is relatable.

Such an overwhelming urge to cry.


Residing in the unknown feels like I’m


Feels like no oxygen is making it to my brain.

I feel like I can’t breathe

can’t concentrate

I wanna run to my “shutdown” place

Thought about running to my word

even whispering a prayer to Daddy

But I don’t even know where to start

nor what to say.

You would think that I would be use to these moments

Each one is different, this one is different

to fight this feeling takes too much energy

So I’ll just stay here

It’s the easier option in this moment.